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Rainwater tanks are becoming increasingly popular for the Australian home. Installing or connecting an existing rainwater tank can seem daunting and more often than not, requires the help of a professional plumber. When you choose Blueline Plumbing & Gas, our professional and licensed plumbers can efficiently and effectively install, maintain or service any rainwater tank in your home.

Blueline Plumbing & Gas are the Canberra region’s specialists in connecting, installing and servicing rainwater tanks. Not only can we connect your existing tank and make sure that it is up and running, but we are also able to completely install a new system and advise you on the best location around your home for your tank.

We specialise in connecting all types of rainwater tanks to your home. Along with running and installing any associated pipework, we can also assist in the installation or replacement of a water pump.

It is now a requirement for Australian homes to have the ability for rainwater tanks to supply water to toilets and washing machines. Our plumbing experts can ensure that the rainwater is pumped and filtered into your home and distributed to the non-drinking water supply. In order for this to happen, the water tank needs the installation of a device called a rain-switch or rain-bank.

This requires modifications to the home’s internal plumbing to separate the rainwater from the fresh water through the automatic switchover. This allows for the system to switch over to the main water supply if there is not enough water in the tank to ensure that you never run out of water. Our plumbing experts can also service or replace an existing rain-switch on your current rainwater tank.

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The expert plumbers from Blueline Plumbing & Gas can also repair a rainwater tank if it should become damaged, has burst pipes or is leaking water. Our licensed and fully qualified plumbers are equipped with all the right industry knowledge to accurately and efficiently service, install or maintain any rainwater tank; no matter the make or model.

With years of experience under our belt and a comprehensive knowledge of all rainwater tanks and systems, we only stock the best tools, rainwater tank parts and equipment to ensure that no matter the issue, we can resolve it on the same day and that our customers receive the highest quality service.

At Blueline Plumbing & Gas we can help you choose the right rainwater tank to suit your home and requirements. We are committed to providing you with quality service to creating a lasting and trusting relationship for all your plumbing needs. We go above and beyond to provide expert advice, and we are more than happy to help you to determine the right rainwater tank for your home. We can even help you find and customise a tank if you have limited space.

Rainwater Tanks


What Size Rainwater Tank Should I Get?

The size of your rainwater tank depends on a few factors around your home.

The first is what you intend to use the rainwater for, which varies significantly for each household. If you are going to use your rainwater to fill your pool or you are going to stock large amounts of water for your farm, you will require a bigger tank. If the rainwater is going to be used in your home simply as a replacement for fresh water in your toilet or washing machine, you will require a smaller tank.

The second factor depends on the amount of rainwater that your roof can capture. You can contact a rainwater tank specialist from Blueline Plumbing & Gas where they can talk you through your square meter measurements and help you to determine what size tank will best suite your needs.

Is it safe to drink the water from my rainwater tank?

Many local governments do not allow for the consumption of rainwater for drinking or cooking.

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Our team is highly trained and qualified and ensure that we conduct all services in the safest manner possible. We don’t believe in taking risks and always work towards exceeding our own standards of delivering exceptional results as well as meeting the industry’s standards and regulations.

With years of experience servicing all areas in the Canberra region, we have incomparable expertise in plumbing and gas services. We only stock the best products, parts and tools to ensure our customers a level of quality that they can rely on. Our repair and maintenance services make it easy to keep your gas and plumbing systems running efficiently.

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